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Testimonials from Members


"Single handedly the best decision I've ever made. You make time for it. It made my experience at junior college worthwhile, gave me a sense of community and also helped me on my college applications because psych majors have to really prove interest in the field. Not to mention [our conference trip to] Reno!" TB-- Transferred to UCLA

"Highly recommended that people make time! That was my excuse because i took a lot of classes and worked full time but joining it my last semester made me wish I would have made more time . It was an amazing experience to say the least. The friendships you make, the events you attend, and the information you receive is extremely helpful! Wish I would have joined sooner," CF--Transferred to UCI

"Totally worth it! We were exposed to information you would have to research yourself as a psych major. Also got to attend the APA convention as a Freshman! Best exposure ever to see if you are really into psych or not. Plus super interesting! Make the time!=)" HY--Transferred to CSULB

"Before Psi Beta's trip to WPA, I had no idea what to expect from a poster session. Given the emphasis placed on undergraduate research, I think it's imperative you get an idea what you're in for when looking to be in the psychology field. Psi Beta provides opportunities to learn about what the major is really like from a professional perspective, and not just that of the standard "lol I'm a psych major cuz I like people" viewpoint. Psi Beta is a great group for all the above reasons mentioned, not to mention having guest speakers who help discuss their first-hand accounts of what their career pathways are/were like. Simply: Just do it. You already should understand that education is an investment. A little bit towards Psi Beta goes a long way," CT--Transferred to UCI

"Honestly, this was the best choices I made. I was exposed to the WPA convention and hearing the guest speakers was amazing. Given the opportunity to attend the WPA at a discount price was amazing, since not only did it allow me to listen and interact with Zimbardo. It also allowed me to see how a poster should be presented and the research peers put into it. I was also able to interact with fellow peers and start networking. By being part of Psi Beta it prepared and set a plan for my academic and career goal. I really wished I had joined earlier, since I made amazing friends," MB--Transferred to Chapman

 "Great exposure to the field and networking. It was beneficial at WPA to walk around the poster sessions and talk with students from different programs; what they liked about their school, their research, when they took the GREs, etc. I also got a couple business cards, one from a professor," CM--Transferred to UCI

"Our convention in LA was great and I miss my people!! I wish we all got together more than once a year! It's also great meeting people from the previous years because you get to ask them tons of questions! It looks great to be involved in an academic club when you're at a community college. Also if people want a letter of rec from you, joining makes it easier to ask," BW--Transferred to UCI