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​The Reading Department strives to help students comprehend what they are reading and provide ways for them to retain they have learned. Here's what some of our students have shared about their reading experience at Santiago Canyon College.

Reading 101 and Reading 130 Testimonials:

  • "I will take what I have learned in my Reading class into my future through college.
  • "My Reading class taught me many brilliant ways on how to break down a text and understand it."
  • "My Reading course helped me understand the material being taught. It helped me get through all my other classes, especially the texts!"
  • "I learned how to clearly annotate, and by doing so it taught me how to understand the topic better. This will be a great tool for the future."​

Reading 150 Testimonials:

  • "Critical Reading 150 taught me that critical thinking is essential and used in every type of discipline. This course helped me succeed in my other classes this semester!"
  • "In one semester I was able to learn many new and helpful details on how to be less bias and be more open-minded. I became a strong critical thinker and learned a lot about how to read critically and write critically."
  • "Reading 150 gave me the desire to be open to overcoming the obstacles to critical thinking. I am looking forward to applying the critical thinking tools as I continue on in life!"
  • "This class helped me expand my knowledge, but it also helped me expand as a person and view the world differently."
  • "There are so many things I will take away from Reading 150. Most importantly is how comfortable I will be now with using critical thinking, reading, listening in the outside world."