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Department of History

​​​Welcome to the Department of History

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Santiago Canyon College offers the Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T)​ degree in history, alongside numerous courses in the historical discipline that fulfill a range of general education and area-specific requirements for students in other programs. The AA-T in History encourages students to think critically about one's self, one's cultural heritage, social and economic process, and national and international affairs, all within the context of change over time. Successful completion of the AA-T in History guarantees the student acceptance to the California State University system to pursue a Bachelors degree in History or a related field, and students also transfer to the University of California system and private colleges and universities.


Schedule of Classes

The college's schedule of classes includes online and face-to-face options, with times for in-person classes throughout the day. 

Apply to SCC​

Students may apply to the college online or make an appointment to get the process started. Counseling assists students with creating their educational plans, which are the lists of courses nee​ded to meet each student's desired academic program.​

Degrees in History

​​A Bachelors degree in History may lead to numerous, diverse careers ranging from government service to law, journalism to international organization work, education to entrepreneurship, museums to management, and many other fields. Increasingly, graduate schools and employers seek candidates who possess the communication, analytic, critical thinking, and research skills the historical discipline imparts. 

​The Department of History offers a Certificate in Global Studies that equips students with particular insights into global perspectives and historical experiences. In this certificate, students concentrate on the full scope of knowledge offered in our courses on global states and societies. Students complete a total of 12 units, 9 of which are in the Department of History and 3 of which are in either geography or political science.



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