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STAR Center Handouts

​All of the handouts on this page were created to help you with science concepts. Feel free to download any and all of them for your own use. Please let us know if you have any ideas for other handouts.

Chemistry Handouts


 General Chemistry Nomenclature (PDF)

 Electron Configuration (PDF)

 Periodic Table (PDF)

 Solubility Rules Made Easy (PDF)

 The Mole Road (PDF)

 Stoichiometry Map (PDF)



Strategic Learning


            Levels of Learning for the Sciences (PDF)

 How to Take Notes (PDF)


Cellular Respiration Workshop


 Advanced Cellular Respiration Worksheet (PDF)

 Cellular Repiration Concept Map (PDF)

 Fermentation Spider Map (PDF)

 Glycolysis Spider Map (PDF)

 The Electron Transport System Worksheet (PDF)