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STEM Partners

The STEM programs at Santiago Canyon College have developed wonderful relationships with professionals in business and industry.  To date, SCC has awarded over $50,000 in STEM Scholarships and Book Grants to eligible students pursing degrees/majors in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  We want to highlight and thank the many thoughtful professionals in business and industry for their support of STEM at SCC:

  • Southern California Edison STEM Scholarship      
  • Barbara Hovanitz Memorial
  • Rodriguez Family
  • E.W.O. Family STEM
  • Biology Department at SCC
  • Mathematics Department at SCC
  • Physical Sciences Department at SCC
  • Carol Pollack Gerachis Memorial
  • Ruth Stephenson Memorial
  • Ann Ellis Engineering/Science
  • Irving A. Wilde Memorial
  • Physical Sciences Department at SCC
  • Women in Math and Science

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