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SCC Student Veterans of America

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About Student Veterans of America:

​Student Veterans of America (SVA) is the premier organization leading service, research, programs and advocacy for veterans in higher education. The SVA vision is to empower student veterans to lead and live their best lives. The SVA mission is to act as a catalyst for student veteran success by providing resources, network support and advocacy to, through, and beyond higher education. For more information, visit the SVA website. SVA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

SCC Chapter Mission:

​To provide an opportunity for SCC student veterans, military families, and allies to advocate for the unique needs and interests of veteran students, provide information and resources to the campus, and to build a sense of community among students who have shared life experiences.

Get Involved!​

We are currently looking for new board members for 2020-2021!

Contact a club advisor for more information:

Advisor Steven Stenersen

Advisor Alex Vega

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Past Events​ & Activities​​

Here are some examples of the events and activities we've done in past semesters.

We pick new goals and campus events every year based on what the members are interested in doing. No matter what we pick to focus on, we end up building camaraderie and having fun! 

Student Veterans of America NatCon 2020

​​​Student leaders from SCC's SVA chapter and the SCC SVA advisors attended the Student Veterans of America National Conference in January 2020 in Los Angeles. This event provided an opportunity for leadership development and professional networking.

Dia de los Muertos Military Memorial Table​​​

​​​We created an offrenda (a traditional Dia De Los Muertos alter) to honor our brothers and sisters that have passed. Vets brought in photos, favorite snacks and drinks of family and friends as well as military style decorations to the VRC to create this important cultural memorial.  

Veterans Day Celebration and  Vet Club Fundraiser! ​

Our vet club connected with our civilian peers on campus for a fun Physical Fitness Challenge! We also provided sample MREs for an event called Try Military Cuisine! 

To celebrate Veterans Day, the club held a special fundraiser on behalf of local veteran organizations.

Veteran Guest Speaker

​The VRC and the vet club hosted a veteran guest speaker to campus talk about military experience and overcoming obstacles.

Vet Net Ally Panel Training

Members of the club participated in a panel during an important training called Vet Net Ally. The training is provided to SCC faculty and staff  as an overview of military culture and specific challenges that veteran students face. This provided invaluable insight into life as a veteran student at SCC. ​

Orange Field of Valor

​Every year, the club participates in the Orange Field of Valor, an event that hosted by the Community Foundation of Orange to support military in the community. As a team, the club helps to set up 1776 flags at Handy Park on Nov. 9th to recognize those currently serving in the military, those who have served, and those who gave their lives in service to our country. 

​​Club Hikes

​The club organizes hiking events to get outside and exercise​. Hikes are usually held in the local area - for example Peter's Canyon. Hikes are open to all ages and athletic ability. 

End ​of Term - Club Bowling! 

Get together with friends at the end of the term to blow off some steam! Vet club bowling at the end of the term is a great way to end a semester.

 Vet Club Activities & Events