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Concurrent Enrollment

Students can take classes at more than one college or university while using VA Benefits. This process is called concurrent enrollment. The college that will grant the degree or certificate is called the "parent school" and the student becomes a "guest student" while taking a class or classes at the other campus.

There are three types of forms. Please read each description carefully before submitting a form. If you are unsure which form to complete, please contact our office at

SCC Students taking a class at SAC:

Santa Ana College is our sister campus. We are within the same college district and as a result, there are fewer steps required to take a class at SAC.

Santa Ana College Veterans Resource Center requires that SCC students taking classes at their campus complete their Guest Certification Request Form.

Click here for the SAC Guest Form

SCC Students  taking a class at another college:

Complete the form below if you are an SCC student who intends to enroll in a class or a few classes at a college outside of our district and would like those classes to be certified for VA benefits.

Please do not complete this form for classes taken at our sister campus Santa Ana College (SAC), as we are within the same college district.

SCC Guest At Another College Outside of District.jpg
Click here for the SCC Parent Letter Request Form

Guest Students at SCC

Complete this form if you are taking a class or a few classes at SCC, but you are primarily attending another college outside of our district. 

Please do not complete this form if you are a Santa Ana College (SAC) student, as we are within the same college district.

This online form must be completed after you register for classes every semester you wish to use your benefits at SCC. Additionally, your parent school must submit a letter of approval, called a "parent letter" to SCC for the classes you wish to be certified at our campus. Contact your parent school for more details.

Guest Students at SCC.jpg
​Click here for SCC Guest Student Form