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New Veteran Students

​​Welcome to SCC! These simple steps will help you get started as a student on our campus and with our office. There may be additional steps and/or forms needed, so make sure you check with our office for details. Remember - we are here to help! 

Step 1. Become a Student at SCC

​​Application for Admission

    • The first step to becoming an SCC student is submitting the online application
    • The application is processed by Admissions & Records in 3-5 business days
    • You will receive an email confirmation with your web advisor log in and student ID
    • You will need your student ID to take many of the steps listed below

Submit Official Academic Transcripts

Per VA regulations, students using benefits are required to submit official academic transcripts from all previously attended institutions for evaluation by SCC's Admissions & Records. Take the steps below to complete this requirement.

    • Order official academic transcripts from all previously attended colleges. You can have the transcripts sent directly to the college by following our school's policy listed in the catalog.
    • Alternatively, you can have the transcripts sent directly to you. If you have the transcripts sent directly to yourself, be sure to not open the envelope. In order for the transcripts to remain official, they must be sealed. You can either drop them off with Admissions & Records in person in E-101 or bring your official transcripts with you to your counseling appointment.
    • Meet with an Academic Counselor after your transcripts have been submitted. The Academic Counselor can help evaluate courses that will apply to your degree goal at SCC. More information on Academic Counseling can be found below. 

Check Your Residency Status with Admissions & Records

Your residency status can factor into the way tuition and fees are charged to your account.

    • For chapter 33, 33 TOE and 31 benefits, the VA will only cover up to in state tuition/mandatory fees.
    • If you are a California resident and your record does not reflect this accurately, please contact Admissions & Records to make the correction.
    • If you are not a California resident, and if you will be using chapter 33, 33 TOE or 31 benefits, complete the Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request Form with Admissions & Records.

Apply for Veteran Priority Registration

    • Submit the Priority Registration Request Form along with your DD-214 to the VSO
    • You can use your Priority Registration without using your benefits!
    • Dependents of veterans are not eligible for priority registration.

Step 2.  VA and/or Cal Vet Documents

There are documents that are required to complete your file with our office. Below are some of the more common items we may request for your file.

Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

    • This is a letter or statement provided to you from the VA detailing your eligibility for a benefit type.
    • You will receive a COE after you apply for benefits with the VA. We understand that the COE takes time to reach you. You can also submit a statement of eligibility found on the VA's website
    • Dependents and veterans could receive a COE from the VA for various chapters.
    • Learn about benefit types and apply online by clicking here.

DD-214 (Member 4)

    • Veterans will be asked to submit their DD-214 member 4 or service 2.
    • If you do not have a copy of your DD-214, you can request the information online at
    • Dependents do not need to submit the DD-214 of their sponsor. 

Voc. Rehab (Chp​. 31) 1905

    • If you are using Voc. Rehab, you will need to submit the approval form from your Voc. Rehab Counselor (1905) stating your approved terms and major.
    • Your Voc. Rehab Counselor may choose to submit this directly to our Certifying Official on your behalf, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure this is on file with our office.

Cal Vet Fee Waiver Approval Letter

    • Dependents of veterans may qualify for a state benefit called the Cal Vet Fee Waiver, which covers the $46 per unit fee at our campus.
    • If you are using this benefit, your local county Veterans Service Office will issue you an approval letter. The approval letters are academic year specific.
    • Submit this letter to our office along with the CCPG form every academic year you wish to use this benefit. 

Step 3. Academic Counseling

    • Meet with the Veterans Academic Counselor to create an Educational Plan (Ed Plan). This will map out the classes you need in order to reach your degree goal at our campus. The Ed Plan is required for those using benefits at our campus.
    • You can make an appointment with the Veteran Academic Counselor directly with the VSO or by visiting the Counseling Department in D-106.​

Step 4. Register and Request Benefits

    • Once registration is open, you can add your classes online via Web Advisor. If you are using your benefits, be sure to follow the Ed Plan you made with the Veteran Academic Counselor as the VA will only pay for courses that are going towards your degree goal.
    • If you will be using VA benefits, turn in your Certification Request Form to the VSO after adding your classes online. This form needs to be submitted every semester you want to use your benefits.
    • If you will not be using Chapter 33, 33TOE or Chapter 31:
      • The campus has a three day drop policy, which states that students must pay their fees within three days of registering for classes. Failure to do so will result in being dropped for non-payment. If you will not be using Chapter 33 or Chapter 31 benefits, it is highly recommended that you apply for financial aid to help with the cost of education.  There are more details about financial aid below. Click here to apply.
    • If you will be using Chapter 33, Chapter 33 TOE or Chapter 31:
      • Submit your Certification Request Form as soon as possible after you register for classes. The VSO can place a courtesy hold on your account to protect your classes while the VA processes payment. Failure to submit this form in a timely manner could delay the protection code and result in your classes being dropped. ​

Step 5. Apply for Financial Aid

    • You can apply for both VA benefits and financial aid!
    • Submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applies you for things like federal grants and state fee waivers. The fee waivers prevents classes from being dropped for non-payment for eligible students.
    • You can start your application online at: You can also use the computers in the VSO for assistance with the application. ​​