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Steps to get started at SCC


Using your VA Education Benefits at SCC

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Step 1 - Become an SCC Student


Step 2 - Apply for Priority Registration

    • If you have been discharged within the last 15 years, bring a copy of your DD-214 to the Veteran Service Office (VSO) in building A, room 206-A to fill out the Priority Registration Request Form


Step 3 - Requirements for New Students:

    • Take a Placement Test
    • Attend the Orientation Workshop
    • Make a Counseling Appointment to obtain an Educational Plan for your VA File

*All students are required to obtain an updated Ed Plan after all transcripts from previous institutions have been evaluated by Admissions and Records


Step 4 - Register for Classes

    • Log on to your web advisor to register for classes online.


Step 5 - Submit your paperwork to SCC VSO in office A-206-A. The following must be submitted:

    • DD-214
    • Copy of Submitted Application from VonApp (1 item from below):
    • Veterans (Chapter 30 & 33): *Form 22-1990

*Continuing GI Bill Chapter 30 recipients opting into Chapter 33 will need to fill out Form 22-1990 again and re-apply

    • Reservists (Chapter 1606 & 1607): Form 22-1990
    • For Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31): Form 1905 obtained from your Voc Rehab Counselor.
    • Dependents: Form 22-5490
    • Dependents Transfer of Entitlement Post 9/11 Bill: Form 22-1990e
    • Transfer Veterans who've used benefits before: Form 22-1995
    • Transfer Dependents who've used benefits before: Form 22-5495
    • Purple Certification Request Form

Every semester after registration, veteran students must submit a Purple Certification Request Form to the VSO to certify their courses.

  • Transcripts

All official transcripts from the military and other universities or colleges must be submitted and evaluated by Admissions & Records. Students have two semesters to get the transcripts turned in. The student is responsible for any repeated class that is taken because the official transcripts were not evaluated. This may cause an overpayment to the student.

  • Educational Plan (Ed Plan)

All students must schedule an appointment with the Counseling Office (714) 628-4800 and complete an Ed Plan. Please inform the VSO of any changes to your educational goal and Ed Plan. Only the courses on the Ed Plan will be certified by the SCC’s certifying official.

  • Certificate of Eligibility

Students should submit a copy of their certificate of eligibility. This informs both the student and the school what the student is eligible to receive.


Note for Continuing Students: If you are a continuing student at SCC, you only need to turn in the purple form every semester after registration.