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Academic Affairs

Welcome to Academic Affairs


Our Vision


The Office of Academic Affairs will lead in shaping the future of Santiago Canyon College where individual students are enabled to grow, where student learning is emphasized within a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for transfer, degrees and certificates, the workforce, citizenship and lifelong learning. This office will be recognized as a leader in learning excellence and the facilitator of meeting the challenge of rapid change towards the educational needs of our students. 


Our Mission


The Office of Academic Affairs guides and supports faculty and programs at Santiago Canyon College to provide a current and creative curriculum to meet the educational opportunity valued by our students and the community we serve.


Administrative Unit Outcome


 ...coming soon...


Staff Directory

Marilyn Flores, Ph.D. ​(714) 628-4880 Vice President of Academic Affairs
​​Melody Vaught ​​(714) 628-4880 ​Executive Secretary​
Annie Van-Loon Kupfrian ​​(714) 628-4882 Instructional Coordinator Analyst
​Jessica Gilbert (714) 628-4991 ​​Administrative Clerk
​​Tiffany Garbis ​(714) 628-4823 ​Curriculum Specialist
​​Laura Espinosa ​(714) 628-4793​ ​Administrative Clerk