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Educational Planning

At Santiago Canyon College - Continuing Education our counselors meet with students for educational planning to help students meet their academic goals. However, you do not have to be part of the programs below to meet with a counselor for future planning. Counselors are available to assist you with your questions.

Counselors can meet with students to complete official educational plans for the following programs:


Counselors are available to assist you with educational planning at the following locations: 

OEC Provisional Education Facility (CHAP)
1937 W. Chapman Ave., Suite 200
Orange, CA 92868

Santiago Canyon College (SCC)
8045 E. Chapman Ave., U-80
 Orange, CA 92869

College and Workforce Preparation Center (CWPC)
1572 N. Main St. 
Orange, CA 92867

Call us to schedule an educational planning meeting with a counselor!