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GED Graduation Ceremony

High School Equivalency Test Preparation (GED®/HiSET®)

In an effort to reduce th​e spread of COVID-19, classes are being conducted via a distance ​​education format until further notice.
En un esfuerzo por reducir la propagación de COVID-19, las clases se llevarán a cabo a través de un formato de educación en línea hasta nuevo aviso.​

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The SCC- Division of Continuing Education FREE High School Equivalency Test Preparation Program is "self-paced" and "self–contained." Classes are open-entry/open-exit throughout the year. Students must be 18 years or older. Each student has an individualized educational plan to complete his/her personal requirements.

The High School Equivalency (GED®/HiSET®)are used by employers and some schools as evidence that an individual has earned enough knowledge through work experience or recreational experience to compete successfully with people who have graduated from high school.

Classes for the GED® and HiSET® Test:

  • prepare students to successfully pass the official GED® or HiSET® Test
  • use the latest software, books, and practice tests to prepare students for the GED®or HiSET® 
  • provide teacher-led group lessons and one-on-one instruction
  • offer pre-GED/HiSET and GED/HiSET level coursework, depending on the student's needs

​How much does it cost?

All classes are 100% free.  Santiago Canyon College School of Continuing Education offers free GED® and HiSET® classes to prepare students for the exam. 


​​What is the difference between the GED/HiSET and the Adult High School Diploma?

The GED consists of four tests and the HiSET consists of five tests that will award students a High School Equivalency certificate from the state of California.  The core content areas include: Reading and Writing (Reasoning Through Language Arts), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.  On the other hand, a high school diploma, is awarded after students complete 160 units and 3 proficiencies.  Both programs prepare our students to transition to college or to enter the workforce.

Are the GED and HiSET exams offered in Spanish?



What is the difference between taking the GED or HiSET in English vs. Spanish?

Both tests will award students a High School Equivalency Certificate to transition to college or to enter the workforce.  Classes are offered in English and Spanish, and students may take the exams in the language of their choice.  Where appropriate, students who take the GED or HiSET in Spanish should take advantage of our English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

How long will it take to earn my GED or HiSET?

Our classes are held in a lab setting which allows you to work at your own pace.  The more you attend class and prepare for the exam, the quicker you will be ready for the actual GED/HiSET exam.


Where do I register to take my GED or HiSET exam?

The GED is administered through the GED Testing Services:, the HiSET is administered through ETS Testing Services:​   When you are ready to take your test, you will need to go directly to their website and register.  Click on the logos below for more detailed information about each test:  


   Image result for hiset logo                     GED Testing Service              

​​What modes of testing are available for each test?

The GED official exam is only offered on a computer format.  On the other hand, the HiSET offers students the option of paper or computer testing formats.  

How much will it costs to take the exams?

The GED exam costs $35 per section plus a one-time $20 sitting fee, for a total cost of $160.  HiSET exam costs vary by site, but it is approximately $24 per section plus a one-time $20 state fee, for a total cost of $140.  For both exams, you may test in one section a time and pay as you go.   If you don't pass a section, the exams allow for re-takes.  Please see the official GED Testing Services website:  or the official HiSET website:  for more information.

Are there any scholarships available?
Yes, Based on financial need and class attendance a current student may qualify for a scholarship to cover the cost of the HiSET exam fees. Access the Scholarship application here (Download PDF). 


You may access the following website for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding HiSET, such as:

  • Testing Locations
  • What identification is necessary to take the test
  • What accommodations are available for examinees with disabilities


Test on paper questions1-800-62-MYGED (800-626-9433)
Test on computer questions1-877-EXAM-GED (877-392-6433)
Preguntas en Español1-877-450-3276
GED Marketplace™ and order-related questions
Request a transcriptFind more information here​.
All other questions:

Additional Information
For any other information, send an email to:


Preparation/Study Book

You may obtain GED study books at the public library or buy them at a bookstore. The SCC - Division of Continuing Education has some classroom copies of Steck-Vaughn Complete GED Preparation. In addition, at SCC-OEC we use the following book: Kaplan New GED Strategies, Practice, and Review. These copies are available to be used in the High School Subjects classroom. GED preparation books are only as useful as you make them. If you take their diagnostic tests and do the practice exercises diligently, you can prepare yourself to pass the GED.

**To obtain GED testing center locations and information please call the GED Hotline number: 
     (916) 445-9438