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Customer Service Representative

​​Job outlook color Icon.pngJOB OUTLOOK​

​Average Hourly Wage: $17.18
Annual Job Openings in California in 2018: Over 13,200

Course Requirements Icon in color.png​​​COURSE REQUIREMENTS​
​VBUS 019 - Introduction to Keyboarding & Basic Windows (60 Hrs)
VBUS 258 - Navigating the Internet (60 Hrs)
VBUS 260 - Introduction to Word Processing using MS Word (60 Hrs)
WKPR 500 - Workforce Readiness (60 Hrs​)


Program​ Overview

The Customer Service Representative program is designed to provide students the necessary knowledge and skills to deal directly with customers as a company representative. Students are prepared to work as commercial or residential service representatives in positions in major department stores, collection agencies, credit bureaus, airlines, travel agencies, medical insurance agencies, public utilities and telephone answering services.

Program courses build student skills in: 
  • Keyboarding and MS Windows navigation
  • Opening and printing files and documents using a variety of programs
  • Creating and editing documents with tables and graphics using MS Word
  • Employing basic internet terminology and perform web-based searches
  • Developing interpersonal/customer service skills in the workplace

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