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​​​​​SPRING 2020​​​​​ ONL​INE COURSES​


CANVAS Support Lab  
Provides support to students enrolled in online classes who​ need assistance
with CANVAS, uploading documents, and doing homework 
(students don not
need to register for the lab).

Tues. & Thurs.
 3:00PM – 6:00PM          
VBUS -014, Introduction to Mobile and Social Media Tools  
Provides introductory instruction on how to incorporate social networks and 
mobile technology in a business environment utilizing applications and tools 
such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, wikis, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -030, How to Build a Home Based Business  
This course provides an overview of the process of planning, launching, and operating a home-based business. Students will learn to distinguish between the various forms of home-based businesses and explain how they can be supported by business models.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -040, Accounting for Non Accountants  
Designed for those who may be interested in building a home-based business,
this course introduces general accounting principles, including basic 
terminology, processes, and an overview of financial statements. An emphasis
is placed on utilizing accounting methods to generate and interpret financial information in real-life situations to make managerial and financial decisions.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -097, Introduction to Personal Commerce on the Internet (eBay) 
Provides introductory instruction to personal commerce on the Internet. Topics include privacy and security issues, searching techniques, auction bidding, secure payment methods, selling techniques and things to do to protect your consumer rights.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20

VBUS -101, Introduction to 3-D Modeling using Blender  
Provides introductory instruction on 3D modeling and basic animation using 
Blender software. Introduces students to Blender's interface, 3D space, animation and modeling features, surfaces and textures, and uses.


01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -118, Introduction to Windows 10  
Provides introductory instruction for learning MS Windows. Introduces students
to Win​dows: navigation, views, commands, file management, desktop customization, help and other Windows programs. This course is highly recommended prior to taking other courses taught within the Windows environment.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -140, Introduction to Google Applications for Work  
This course provides an over-view of Google Apps for Work, a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, with an emphasis on their use in effective workplace communication. Applications covered include Google Documents, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and Forms.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -150, Introduction to Digital Marketing 
This course is an introduction to the use of digital marketing methods to research market conditions in local, regional, or national areas, and to gather information to determine potential sales of a product or service. Students will learn how to use marketing tools to gather and analyze information on competitors, prices, and sales.

01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20

VBUS -152, Intro to Digital Marketing Analytics  
This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of digital marketing 
analytics. Students will explore the theory of web analytics and how they are used in real-world business situations. An emphasis is placed on identifying the appropriate analytics tools to collect, analyze, and visualize data from the web, using that data to make decisions that impact an organization, its stakeholders, and its customers.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS 258, Navigating the Internet  
Introduces students to the Internet. Topics include types of Internet connections, email research and data retrieval techniques.
01/22 - 03/14
Reg. deadline: 02/22/20
VBUS -260, Introduction to Word Processing using MS Word 2019 
Provides introductory instruction to word processing techniques using the personal computer. Includes the creating, formatting, editing, saving, and printing of simple documents. Uses MS Word soft- ware.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -262, Introduction to Spreadsheets using MS Excel 2019  
Provides instruction in basic spreadsheet concepts using typical spreadsheet problems and Microsoft Excel software.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS -303, Introduction to Electronic Imaging  using Adobe Photoshop CC
 Introduces students to electronic imaging using  Adobe Photoshop software. 
Topics include beginning and intermediate Photoshop features, scanner basics, 
image and file formats, color importing/exporting files and printing.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
VBUS 304, Introduction to Electronic Presentations using PowerPoint 2019  
Provides introductory instruction for development of professional quality, 
computer-generated presentations using presentation software used in industry. Includes concepts of combining text, graphics, animations and/or sound to create slides for electronic output.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20
 WKPR -500, Workforce Readiness (Job Readiness Skills) 
Provides instruction in office skills for employment preparation. Students will learn communication, decision-making, interpersonal, lifelong learning, and job seeking skills.
01/22 - 05/22
Reg. deadline: 04/06/20​
WKPR -002, Self Advocacy
 Students with intellectual and developmental disabilities will identify their strengths and weaknesses. Students will define realistic goals, objectives and the skills needed to reach goals. Student will learn how to communicate in a respectful and responsible way, learn rights and laws that pertain to people with disabilities and identify advocacy groups. 
01/13 - 05/15
Reg. deadline: 03/29/20
WKPR-008, Building Critical Thinking Skills
This course is intended to prepare students with intellectual, developmental, or learning disabilities to develop acquiring or improving critical thinking skills necessary to function independently in a variety of activities, situation, and environments for successful employment. Emphasis on problems solving and decision-making through understanding and evaluation situations, utilizing knowledge of cause and effect relationships, exploring options and planning and implementing strategies.  
01/13 - 05/15
Reg. deadline: 03/29/20
VFOOD -005, Food Handler Test Preparation
This course prepares students for employment in commercial and institutional food kitchens. Includes employee terminology, responsibilities, and training when preparing, handling, and serving food to the public. The course covers six key areas; basic food safety, good personal hygiene, controlling time and temperature, preventing cross-contamination, cleaning and sanitizing, and detailed food industry safety guidelines. Prepares the students for ServSafe Food Handler Certification.

 03/16 - 05/16
Reg. deadline: 04/22/20


MATHCE -206,  College Preparation Essential Math
This course includes operations of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, integers and working with percentages, ratio, proportion, measurement, mensuration geometry, basic algebra and applied word problems.
03/16​ - 05/16
Reg. deadline: 04/22/20
MATHCE -255, College Preparation Algebra This course includes an introduction to basic Algebra concepts, properties of real numbers, factoring, exponents and radicals, solving and graphing linear equations, polynomials and rational algebraic expressions, linear systems of equations, and solving quadratic equations and applications.
02/10 - 06/05
Reg. deadline: 04/26/20
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