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Adults with Disabilities Program Schedule

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Spring 20​21 Course Offerings

​​​​​Online Classes
WKPR-005 , Safety on the Job

This class is designed to introduce students with intellectual, developmental, and learning disabilities to personal safety awareness. Student will be presented with proactive steps to take to avoid dangerous situations in the community, on the job, and at home. Students will be presented with basic techniques for self-defense and first aid. ​

Section #: 95897
Online Class: 01/19/21 - 05/07/21 
Registration deadline:​ 02/09/21

WKPR-008, Building Critical Thinking Skills 

This class is intended to prepare students to develop acquiring, or improving, critical thinking skills necessary to function independently in a variety of activities, situation, and environments for successful employment. Emphasis on problem solving and decision-making through understanding and evaluating situations, utilizing knowledge of cause and effect relationships, exploring options, planning and implementing strategies. 

Section #: 95898
Online Class: 01/19/21 - 05/07/21 
Registration deadline: 02/09/21 ​

WKPR-015​, Public Communications  
This course is designed to teach students public speaking skills through the use of demonstrative, informative, and persuasive speeches. 
Section #: 96203
Online Class: 01/19/2021 – 03/12/2021
Registration deadline: 01/30/2021

Face to Face Classes​
WKPR-018 ,  Social Media and Online Safety in the Workplace 

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge to increase personal and professional safety while online, creating, and maintaining social media accounts.

Section #: 95896
Fac​e-to-Face Class: 01/19/21 - 05/07/21 
TTh         11:00 am - 1:00 pm        CWPC
Registration deadline: 02/09/21