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Katerine Mejia


Katerine Mejia.jpgWhile attending ESL Classes at the OEC Provisional Education Facility (CHAPMAN Site), I saw a GED Test Preparation in Spanish flyer. I didn't know what a GED was – I asked a representative from Admissions and Records. Once it was explained to me, I discussed it with my father, he agreed that I should enroll in the class.

I started the class in summer 2015. I was determined to finish and pass the test by December 2015.

With the test preparation I received from the GED in Spanish preparation, the instructor Mr. Milton Ledezma great patience and teaching methods, I learned all that I needed.  My instructor was so supportive. The students in my class celebrated with me, my passing the test. It was as if we all had passed.  By my passing and attaining the GED, the students that are still in the GED test preparation class told me that they are now more motivated than ever. It was a group win!

Now that I have my GED, I  will now be able to transfer to a college credit program, and I now qualify for financial assistance thru FAFSA.  My career goal is to become a doctor.

I know that the support of the staff at OEC, the motivation and encouragement from my GED Test Preparation instructor Milton Ledezma, are the reasons I reached my goal. Thank you!