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Student Email & School ID

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Student Email and Password:

The first time you register for a class, you are automatically assigned a student email address. Your email is made up of your initials, 5 numbers + For example:

Your password is your birthday. For example, if your birthday is April 6, 1990, your password will be:


Click here to retrieve your email address or reset your password. 

​To access your email account, login to Microsoft office at:

Once logged, click on the Outlook Icon. 
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Student ID:​

The first time you register for a class, you will receive a student ID number. You will need your student ID when filling out forms and when scheduling appointments for services such as meeting with a counselor. You can get a student ID card free of charge from one of our three registration offices. Click here for​​ locations and times.

(One benefit of having an Student ID card is that you can get student discounts at ​various places in our community.) ​