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Understanding Your Course Placement Recommendations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Understanding Your Course Placement Reccommendations.png

Congratulations! You have received you English/Reading and Math course placement recommendations.  

Your Course Placement Recommendations were based on your high school performance information.  You can find your Course Placement Recommendation Scores for English, reading and math on WebAdvior under the heading "Academic Profile" and link called "Course Recommendations."  See picture below.

Location of Course Recommendations on WebAdvisor 

Once you are on that page, you will see your Course Placement Recommendation Results.

Understanding your course location on website.PNG 

Below are the tables that will guide you through selecting the courses that best fit your needs!  We are committed to your success.  You will find that some courses are recommended (N-level course) with the transfer-level course.   To increase your likelihood of success in these transfer-level courses, we strongly encourage you to enroll in the support courses! 

Note: If you would like to take a pre-transfer level course, please visit the Counseling Center in D-106 or call 714.628.4800 to ask for our First Come, First Serve Counseling Hours.

Link to  "How to Navigate Your Course Placement Recommendations":​



​​​​Math Course Recommendations

When selecting the appropriate math course, you need to consider your major!  You have received two math course placement recommendations that lead to different paths.  The Statistics, Liberal Arts Math (SLAM) track is for students interested in the Social Sciences, Nursing, Teaching, Art, Psychology and Sociology majors to name a few.  Students interested in Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (BSTEM) majors should take a course under the B-STEM track. We STRONGLY encourage you to speak with a counselor to select the appropriate math course.  Counselors are available on a First Come, First Serve basis in D-106 or click here​ to be directed to the Counseling page.   

To learn more about each course, click on the math course link below.


​Statistics, Liberal Arts Math (SLAM)

 Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math 



Take Math Guided Self-Placement

Take Math Guided Self-Placement

​1 or 2

 ​​Math 105​, 203, 219+N43 

​Take Math Guided Self-Placement for BSTEM course recommendation


​Math 105, 203, 219​ 

​​Take Math Guided Self-Placement for BSTEM course recommendation​

​3.5​Math 105, 203, 219Math140 + N40, 171+N41

​4 or 5 or 6

​Math 105, 203, 219+N43

​​​Math140 + N40, 171+N41

​7 or 8​

Math 105, 203, 219

Math 140, 171+N41​


Math 105, 203, 219+N43

​Math 140, 171+N41


Math 105, 203, 219+N43

​Math 140+N40, 171, 180+N41 (Needs Counselor Approval)


​Math 105, 203, 219

​Math 140, 171 

​​12 or 13​

Math 105, 203, 219

​​Math150, 180/180H​

​Noncredit Math Options

Our free noncredit math courses are available for students that need to strengthen their foundational skills.  Click on the links below to view course content:

MathCE 206 College Preparation Essential Mathematics 

MathCE 255 College Preparation Algebra  


English Course Recommendations

English Composition is a requirement to earn an Associate Degree and/or transfer.  To meet this requirement, you need to enroll in the course that was recommended. If you would like to take a pre-transfer level English course, please visit the Counseling Center in D-106 or call 714.628.4800 to ask for our First Come, First Serve Counseling Hours.​​

English Courses


​Take English Guided Self-Placement

​1 or 2

​English 100


​English 101



Reading Course Recommendations

You have the option of enrolling in reading courses.  Reading and critical analysis are essential components of college success.  Our Reading faculty is here to help you succeed!

Reading Courses


​Take English Guided Self-Placement​


Read 101


Read 102


​Read 150