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Guided Placement

​​​​​​Guided Placement

​What is Gu​ided Placement and Who Should Take It​?

Santiago Canyon College’s Guided Placement tool was designed for students that want to complete an associate degree and/or transfer to a university but do not have access to their U.S. high school transcript or have attended school or college outside of the United States.  This tool provides course placement recommendations in English, Mathematics, reading, and American College English – SCC’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program.​ Only students who have an active SCC Student login and password are able to access the Guided Placement.

How Does the Guided Placement Work?

The Guided Placement is broken up into two main modules: Math and English/ACE.  Based on your academic and personal goals, you can either take one or both modules.  In the Math Guided Placement you will be asked to reflect on your math knowledge by viewing a short lecture on a specific math topic, then you will read about the skills needed to be successful in the specific math course.  

Your transfer-level math course placement recommendations are given as two tracks: Statistics, Liberal Arts Mathematics (SLAM) or Business, Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (BSTEM).  Selecting the correct math course is essential and is dependent on your major. Please visit the Counseling and Career Development department to speak with a counselor to determine which math course you should enroll in. 

For the English and ACE/ESL Guided Placement module, you will be answering a series of questions that will either lead you to our English or ACE/ESL course selection.  You will be asked to read a short description of skills you should have in order to be successful in transfer-level Freshman Composition coursework.  Reading courses are recommended based on the English course you select.​

​Students ​receive course placement recommendations within 2 business days (weekends and holidays excluded) of completing the Guided Placement. 

How to Access the Guided Placement?

Click here to access the Guided Placement for English or ACE/ESL, math, and reading.


Note: If you have experienced ongoing challenges with math or have received educational accommodations in high school or college, please contact click on the Disability Related Accommodations icon for more information.

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