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Placement Data

​​​​​​Course Placement Data

​​​​​​​​​Santiago Canyon College's (SCC) placement methods include the use of multiple measures whereby an overview of students' academic performance provides a means of course placement into transfer-level English, American College English (ACE)/English as a Second Language (ESL) and mathematics courses.  Placement recommendations are given to students who provide self-reported high school information, complete the Guided Placement (GP) modules or meet with a counselor. SCC’s ACE/ESL students complete the ACE GP for course recommendations. The Placement Dashboard below illustrates how SCC students placed and enrolled based on these methods.​

Instructions on How to Utilize the Placement Dashboards for English and Math:

  • To view Enrollment Choice for Transfer-Level with Support and Transfer-Level without Support select "Enrollment Choice" then select the specific course.

  • To view Placement Data for Transfer-Level with Support and Transfer-Level without Support select "Recommended Class" based on placement method (RG1015=HSGPA, Waiver, or GP).​

AB 705 Fall 2021 Cohort Dashboards




To view previous years, click on the link below for dashboard.

View 2019-2020​

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  • Guided Placement-Student completed the Guided Placement for English or ACE/ESL and/or mathematics.

  • RG1015=High School Transcripts-HS Grade Point Average (GPA) was utilized to place students into transfer-level courses.

  • Waiver= students placed based on counselor waiver or prior approval.

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