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Assessment and Course Placement Recommendations

Attention High School Seniors - If you are participating in Early Welcome, please contact the SCC Outreach Office:  714-628-4808

Assessment Information:

Placement tests are not required for English, math or reading courses.  The only placement tests we administer are English as a Second Language (ESL)/American College English (ACE) and Chemistry. 

All students are required to apply to SCC in order to obtain a course placement recommendation in English, math and reading.  High school performance information or Guided Self-Placement will be utilized for English, math and/or reading course placement recommendations. Below is the explanation of each measure.

Recommendation Based on High School Performance:

SCC will use your U.S. high school non-w​eighted Grade Point Average (GPA), completion of high school coursework, and grades you entered on your college application to generate a course placement recommendation.  You will receive a Welcome Letter which has important information about accessing WebAdvisor.  When you access WebAdvisor​, you will be able to view your Course Placement Recommendations.  Click on Understanding Your Course Placement Recommendations for step-by-step instructions on how to obtain these results.  If you have questions about your English, math and reading placement recommendations, please visit the Counseling Center in room D-106 or call 714.628.4800.

Recommendation Based on Guided Self-Placement:

If you do not have access to your U.S. high school transcript or you did not enter any high school performance information on the college application, you will need to complete the Guided Self-Placement.  Click on Guided Self-Placement Questionnaires and complete the questionnaire that pertains to the course/s you want to enroll in.  Once you have completed the Guided Self-Placement Questionnaire/s, you will receive an e-mail within 3-5 working days (weekends and holidays excluded) with course recommendations.  We encourage you to visit the Counseling Center in room D-106 to review your results and discuss course selection.

Chemistry Placement Test: 

For students wishing to enroll in advanced Chemistry coursework (Chemistry 200A-General Chemistry) at SCC, contact the Counseling Center at 714-628-4800 to schedule an appointment.  Please ensure that you have already applied to the college, and have your 7-digit SCC student ID number available before you call to schedule a Chemistry placement testing appointment.  (Note: At this time we are not administering the Chemistry Placement Test.  To be considered without taking the placement exam, students must have passed HS Honors Chemistry with a high grade, passed AP Chemistry in HS, and/or received a 2 on the Chemistry AP exam. Please meet with a counselor for additional information.)


Coursework from Other Colleges:

Students who have attended another regionally accredited college and have completed courses that meet the prerequisite for SCC courses can submit transcripts to clear prerequisites by one of the following methods:
1. Bring transcripts to the Counseling Center (SCC, Room D-106) for verification and prerequisite clearance.
2. Submit an online prerequisite clearance request form with supporting documentation at counseling and select “Course Prerequisite Clearance." For more information on course prerequisite clearance, click here.


If you are a continuing student and want to receive a course placement recommendation for English, math and/or reading courses, please visit the SCC Counseling Center in room D-106 to discuss your placement options or call 714-628-4800.  


If you have additional questions, call the Counseling Center at 714-628-4800.

Disability-Related Accommodations

Students who require disability-related accommodations for American College English (ACE) or Chemistry 200A placement tests must request them at least two weeks prior to testing and provide disability verification from a qualified professional. To arrange for testing accommodations, contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at 714-628-4860 to schedule an evaluation of needs.​

​​Challenging Placement Recommendations Steps: 

STUDENTS:  If you would like to challenge your placement recommendations, follow this process:


1 . Meet with a counselor to discuss your placement recommendations.

2. Complete the Requisite Challenge Form and provide supporting documentation.

  • Documentation: Transcript (including International transcripts) showing coursework completed. For ACE/ESL additional paperwork such as catalog description or syllabus for course completed.

3. Submit the completed form to the appropriate department chair.


1. The Department Chair/Instructor reviews the challenge form and supporting evidence.  ​

2. Within 10 working days the student will receive a written notification of the decision and the challenge form will be processed by Admissions and Records.