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Distance Education Student Information & Policies


Registration for Distance Education classes

Registering for online or hybrid classes is the same as registering for traditional lecture classes. Students register online through WebAdvisor.

Types of Distance Education Classes:

Fully Online Classes

Students enrolling in online courses will have the opportunity to complete their course work outside of the classroom. 

Hybrid Classes​

​​Students enrolling in a hybrid course will be required to come to Santiago Canyon College for a portion of their course. Hybrid courses will list all required meeting dates in the “comments” of the course listings section. ​

Course requirements and books for Distance Education classes

You can find information, compare prices, and order your books online through our Bookstore.

OER Textbooks

Online classes may use OER textbooks. OER: Open Educational Resources (OER) refers to textbooks that are in the public domain or are copyrighted with a Creative Commons license. OER materials are either free or low cost

Classes offered online at SCC

When searching for classes on WebAdvisor, you can filter 'Fully Online', or 'Online With Some on Campus Meetings'​ to see which classes are currently offered in the online or hybrid format.

Getting started in your Distance Education class

Enrollment in Canvas  for each of your classes happens automatically. If you have added your course after the initial enrollment period, you will be automatically enrolled into Canvas, for that added class, typically within 12 hours. You will need to log in to Canvas using your WebAdvisor ID and password to gain access to Canvas for your classes. Each of your professors will determine when/if their Canvas class is visible to you. Your professor may hide their Canvas site until the start of the semester. For official student grades, please check WebAdvisor. Grades listed in the Canvas LMS gradebook are unofficial.

Out of State Students

Please contact the Distance Education department before enrolling in any online classes if you are currently out of the state of California. United States Federal law requires us to get permission and comply with the laws and procedures of your state of your residence before offering you a class at Santiago Canyon College. Please be advised that Santiago Canyon College will drop you from your online classes if we have not been approved by your home state!​

Waitlist Information

  • Online classes do NOT always allow wait-listing. Using Online Records/Web Advisor read the important information on the section, especially the COMMENTS portion that details information on wait-listing.
  • Once a class reaches its limits, the section becomes CLOSED. If the online class allows for wait-listing, add yourself to the wait list. Although you may see that a seat is available, you can only add yourself to the wait list.
  • Every evening a process is run to move students from the waitlist into open seats.  When you are rolled from the wait list into an open seat, an email will be sent to notify you of this enrollment.
  • Check your email every day if you are on a wait list.
  • Once you are enrolled in the section, you have two days after this enrollment to pay, OR BE DROPPED FOR NONPAYMENT.
  • You will NEVER move from the waitlist into an open seat if:
  • You have not completed the course prerequisites at SCC or SAC
  • You are repeating the class for the third time.
  • You need an overload petition.
Wait list rollovers STOP for full semester classes once the semester begins.​

​Student Grievance Process

Please refer to our Catalog for our official Grievance Process

Out-of-State Students: Please visit the SHEE​O website for information on your state's Student Complaint Process.