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Is Distance Education For Me ?

Students often wonder whether distance education is right for them. Read the questions below and answer them for yourself. If you answer "yes" to all or most of them, then you are a good candidate for learning through online instruction.

  1. Are you familiar with using a computer, e-mail, and the internet?
  2. Are you comfortable working by yourself, outside the traditional classroom setting?
  3. Can you discipline yourself to do your coursework without prescribed class times?
  4. Would you describe yourself as "self-motivated"?
  5. Are you OK with "written learning" as opposes to a "live" instructor?
  6. Is it difficult or inconvenient for you to go to campus on a regular basis?
  7. Are you comfortable asking an instructor for help as soon as you need it?
  8. Are you good at organizing your time?
  9. Are you open to new learning situations?
  10. Do you usually get your work done without reminders from others?