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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m writing this to help guide my students to the most asked questions of me. This is the best place to look at if you want to ask me something. By the way, I blatantly stole this idea from Professor Carrie Cannon.


1.    We can use our homework on the quizzes? Can we use it on the tests?


You can use homework on your quizzes. The quizzes are homework questions, so if you are doing your homework, you can get full credit on the quizzes. I do this so that you keep up on the homework since I do not collect it every class meeting. However, you may not use homework on the exams. Exams are an opportunity for me to see what you know without anything but your brain (and maybe a calculator.)


2.    Can we use notes on the quizzes?


No, I’m already being nice by letting you use the homework.


3.    I missed the quiz, may I take it later?


No, I do not give make-up quizzes. I will drop the lowest quiz score, so if you miss a quiz, don’t worry. However, if you miss a second quiz it will count against your grade.


4.    May I take a quiz/test early?


Absolutely! I just need enough notice for it. Telling me a day or two ahead of time isn’t enough time. I need about a week’s notice for a quiz and ideally two weeks for a test.


5.    I missed the last class and I heard that you did a worksheet, can I still do it?


No, in-class assignments/worksheets need to be completed in the class (or if you stay till the end of class, you may take the worksheet home and bring it back the next class meeting.)


6.    I forgot to turn in my homework, may I turn it in late?


I don’t accept late homework. However, getting the homework in to me the same day as the test is not counted as late.


7.    I emailed you, why didn’t I get a response?


There could be a few reasons for that. First, if you are asking me a question that is found on the syllabus or that I already answered in a Canvas announcement, I will not email you. Second, if it is an issue that I’m getting several emails about, I will either send out a mass email or address it in the next class meeting. Third, I might have missed it, which can sometimes happen since I get quite a few emails. I try to respond quickly, so if you don’t get a response within a couple of days, please resend the email. Lastly, you may have not sent it to the right address (check it carefully on the syllabus.) You can use Canvas as a way of sending my emails by going to the Inbox on the side bar.


8.    Can I add your class?


I add students the first day of class only and I add students according to the waitlist. If you want to get in the class, then get on the waitlist. I will only add people not on the waitlist if I have room. If you are not there the first day, you may not add my class.


9.    Should I drop the class?


I’m not able to see the future and I’m not the one who will be completing the homework and taking the tests/quizzes. If you are worried about passing the class, then it is better to withdraw then to receive a failing grade. There are exceptions to that, namely insurance, financial aid, already withdrawing too many times, etc. You may want to schedule an appointment with a counselor to get more information on your individual case.


10. Do I need to buy the book/and or a calculator for this class?


Yes you do. This is one of those expenses that you can’t get around in college. We do all of our homework from the book. In certain classes, a calculator is required to do the problems. You need to be ready to handle these costs as a college student. There are usually books on reserve at the library, however you can only check them out for a couple of hours and you can’t remove it from the library. Don’t be afraid to shop around. You can find deals on the internet for both. Also, our financial aid office has a program for helping with books, you may want to check that out to see if you qualify.