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Online Students

Online students have a unique set of problems when compared to an on-campus student. I have set this page aside to attempt to help any students who are thinking of taking an online math class or are currently enrolled in an online math class.


Frequently Asked Questions From Online Students

 I blatantly stole this idea from Professor Carrie Cannon.

1.     I have never taken an online class before, should I still take this class?

A special kind of student can take online courses. You must be very disciplined and willing to work ahead when you have the opportunity. Students who thrive in this course are always aware of upcoming due dates for assignments and quizzes. I would strongly urge you to take some online class before trying an online math class since math is usually more of a challenge for students. However, you know yourself best, so if you are self-disciplined, willing to work ahead, and seek help when needed, then you might be a good candidate for an online course.

2.     I didn’t see the email/announcement you sent, can I still do the assignment?

No you cannot. The only form of communication I have with you is through email and via announcements through MyOpenMath. It is your responsibility to regularly check both of these for updates and/or changes to assignments/quizzes. Failing to do this is like sitting in class, not listening to announcements given during class, and then expecting to be able to still do the work even though you were not paying attention. 

3.     Do we ever have to go to campus for class?

Yes! All math classes offered online are in fact considered hybrid courses. We have three meetings throughout the semester: an orientation, a midterm, and a final. You need to check Webadvisor for the meeting dates in the current semester you are enrolled.

4.     My internet was down last week, can I make-up any missed work?

No you cannot. This is why assignments and quizzes are posted well before the due date. You need to learn to work ahead in case something like this happens. If the universe prevents you from working ahead on some particular assignment/quiz, then you can always access computers on campus through the Tutoring Center, the Library, MaSH, etc.

5.     I missed the quiz, can I make it up?

I do not give make-up quizzes. I give several days before the due date for you to try the quiz, therefore not taking advantage of accessing the quiz at an earlier, more convenient time is a mistake on your part. I do however drop the lowest quiz score, so if this does happen, this will be your one dropped score.

6.     I emailed you, why didn’t I get a response?

There could be a few reasons for that. First, if you are asking me a question that is found on the syllabus or that I already answered in an announcement, I will not email you. Second, if it is an issue that I’m getting several emails about, I will more likely send out a mass email or post an announcement about it. Third, I might have missed it, which can sometimes happen since I get quite a few emails. I try to respond quickly, so if you don’t get a response within a couple of days, please resend the email. Lastly, you may have not sent it to the right address (check it carefully on the syllabus.)

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