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About Alison

​A little bit about me...
     I actually started out as a history major. I knew I wanted to teach and I enjoyed my history classes in high school, so I figured I could teach history.
     Math was my worse subject in high school. I never thought I was very good at math. The problem was I was mistaking not enjoying math for being "bad at it." The truth was that I had some math teachers that I didn't get along with, so I just didn't enjoy the class. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized that I was good at math! A community college instructor named Karen Davis (there is a link to her website on my home page) really inspired me to try. I started getting A's on all of my tests! 
     I decided I wanted a challenge. My history classes weren't as much of a challenge for me, so I switched my major to math and never looked back!

My Personal Philosophy
     To who much is given much is required.

My Education
     BS in Mathematics from Cal State University Long Beach
     MS in Mathematics from Cal State University Long Beach
          Thesis titled: "Equivalent Statements of Property T"

My Committees
     Basic Skills Initiative
     Student Success Committee

Classes I Coordinate
     Math 140 - College Algebra

My Projects
     SOAR - Strategies Of Algebra Readiness

My Hobbies
     Photography - I love taking pictures! I am an amateur​ photographer who tries my hand at several different types of photography - landscape, portrait, and street. My favorite is landscape. You are welcome to look at some of my work:​