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Need a Letter of Recommendation?

Letter of Recommendation Guidelines

If you are applying for a scholarship, job, or entrance to a college/graduate school and you’d like a letter of recommendation from Dr. Cannon, please follow the guidelines below.

I can only write effective letters for students that I know well. This typically means that you have taken 2 or more of my classes (with a B or better) and/or been an active Psi Beta member.

I’ll need a detailed resume, so I can write an informed letter. Please include the following information:

  • What type of scholarship/degree/job are you seeking?

  • What are your goals in seeking the scholarship/degree/job?

  • GPA

  • Relevant courses taken

  • Relevant work experience, volunteer work, awards and honors received

  • Professional memberships and activities

When is the due date? I need at least 1-2 month’s notice to write the best letter I can. If I have previously written a letter for you, then I’ll need at least 2 week’s notice. Unless we have made prior arrangements, I will generally not respond to requests for letters made during school breaks (i.e., summer, winter).

Provide all appropriate forms with your portion already signed and completed, and a postage-paid envelope for snail mail letters. ​​