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Blackboard Access

Current students can access my course websites by following these directions.

Go to the R.S.C.C.D. Blackboard login screenToward the right of that screen, there are instructions posted to help you figure out your computer-generated username and password. Each current student is expected to figure out his or her own computer-generated username and password by following the posted instructions.


Figure out your username and password. Then, go ahead and login.


After you login, look toward the upper left of your screen. You will see several tabs. Click on the tab marked “Courses.”


Your screen now shows a "Course List" (toward the middle-left) and a "Course Catalog" (toward the right). Under the "Course List," you will find the titles of any R.S.C.C.D. courses in which you are currently enrolled (SCC and SAC) that are being taught by instructors who use Blackboard.


Select the appropriate course and click on it. This should get you into the course website.



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