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My Background and Education

I have lived in Orange County for my entire life. I grew up in Placentia. 


After high school, I enrolled at Fullerton College. At first, I was a music major. I played the trumpet. (I rarely play anymore, but I am still a jazz fan. Watch for a "jazz appreciation" page that I will be linking here soon!)  


During my first year at Fullerton College, I worked as a musician at Disneyland. I tried to supplement this income by working as a freelance musician.  I later worked in retail.


My life experiences had taught me that the life of a musician was less desirable than I had expected. At that point, I moved into a new phase at F.C.  I considered majoring in psychology, and I took several psych courses. By then, I had gotten a job working in a large warehouse. This job was secure, and it paid well, but I felt that I wanted something different.


I met with counselors, and I satisfied all of my G.E. and transfer requirements. This prepared me for my transfer to a 4-year school. Thanks to a great English teacher, I had learned how to write. Thanks to a great Critical Thinking teacher, I had learned how to engage in rational inquiry. Thanks to a great Political Science teacher, I had learned the basics of American government. Thanks to a couple of great Philosophy teachers, I had learned how blend the various disciplines in a way that I found to be meaningful.


I transferred to Cal State Fullerton and finished my B.A. in Philosophy.  Their program enriched my views immeasurably. After finishing at Cal State Fullerton, I was accepted into the graduate program in Philosophy at the Claremont Colleges. I completed my M.A. in Philosophy at The Claremont Graduate School (now renamed The Claremont Graduate University).


In 2001, I was hired as an adjunct instructor in Philosophy here at Santiago Canyon College. I have taught here continuously ever since.


Jim Watkins


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