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Message from Professor Shekarabi

Title: Associate Professor of Political Science, M.A.
Position: Full-time
Phone: 714-628-4744
Dept.: Political Science
Office: D-116-5
Office Hours:

varies by semester - check on class syllabus

I pursued my undergraduate and graduate studies in political science with an emphasis on international relations at California State University, Fullerton. I have been teaching at Santiago Canyon College since 1999. I love my job, my students, my colleagues, and the wonderful world of academics.

I have co-authored a political science textbook in American Government. The book is called, "Understanding American Government", by BVT Textbook Publishing. I plan to co-author or author a textbook in International Relations in the near future as my next project.

On a personal level, I have completed my first two poetry manuscripts and published them with I-Universe Publishers (an affiliated company with Barnes and Noble Books). The books are called, "Seasons Volume I - Twenty-Two Poems from My Heart", and "Seasons Volume II - Twenty-Eight Poems of the Naked Soul."

I have co-authored an academic paper entitled, "The Historical and Political Influence of 20th Century Imperialism and Colonialism upon 21st Century China" with Professor Narges Rabii of the History Department at SCC. The paper was presented at the Oxford University Round Table in August 2006 in Oxford, England and has been published online by the Oxford University Forum on Public Policy. I was invited back to serve as a panelist/discussant for the Oxford University Round Table in August of 2007. It was a wonderful experience the second time around as well. 

I am a regular political contributor to the Payameh-Ashena Magazine, which is a monthly periodical featuring articles on contemporary issues written by Iranian-American professionals in Orange County, California.

I am proud to announce that in September of 2008, I founded the POLITICAL SCIENCE FORUM (PSF) at SCC. I served as the PSF advisor. It was and is the first political science club in the department's history. Professor James Granitto of the Philosophy department served as my co-advisor. I am pleased to announce now that the PSF has been revitalized as the CURRENT ISSUES FORUM and Professor Charlotte Samuels currently serves as the club's new advisor.

As of August of 2010, I am serving as the secretary and co-founder of P.O.S.E. (Progress, Outreach, Support, and Education) which is a non-profit organization serving to protect the civil liberties and civil rights of the Iranian-American LGBTQ community in Orange County as well as nationwide. We are straight allies and the first of our kind in terms of organizational history in the United States.

I am a member of the SCC Academic Senate, the Co-Chair of the SCC Faculty Development Committee, a member of the Honors Program Advisory Committee, and the current department chair for political science, history, economics, and geography.

If you want to be inspired, challenged, and a bit offended, take a course in political science. Come ready to work hard, think critically, and have an open mind. I only hope that you leave my classes feeling like you are more aware of the world around you.

Please take the time to check out the links on the Political Science web page to learn more about the field of political science..... from courses offered at SCC, jobs, organizations, websites, to other valuable information.

Read, Write, Complain, Protest, Get Active, and Care!

Let's try to eradicate ignorance and apathy in regards to politics in the classroom and all across our nation and the world. 

Thank you and see you in class.