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MathCE255 General Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​The MathCE 255 College Preparation Algebra  is a free noncredit math course that prepares students for the college credit Math 080 Intermediate Algebra at SCC. The MathCE 255 covers topics in Pre-Algebra and Elementary Algebra includes: ​​

Sample topics for this class

​Solving linear equatio​ns


Rational Expressions​


Tuition free course​​: 

MathCE 255 is free for all students who are 18 or older. 
Students who are younger than 18 needs to have a parent or guardian come to SCC to sign a waiver before allowed to register for the class.

Zero Cost Textbook  Co​urse

MathCE 255 uses a free textbook and the Canvas LMS. Students can download the pdf copy of the textbook here.
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​Recommended Preparation:​

Math Fundamentals 1 or higher. 

Class schedule:

The MathCE 255 classes are offered 100% online via Canvas with an optional Zoom hours every Friday from 1:00-4:00pm. ​

Noncredit transcript record:  

Grades for any noncredit courses are posted in the noncredit transcript which is different than the SCC college credit transcript. In the other words, the final grade for this class will not be on the SCC college transcript.​

How to register for this c​lass: 

  1. ​First: Sign in to Self-Service
  2. Second: Click on the button to Register to see the "Add Section to Schedule" button in Seld-Service. 

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