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Instructional Design Center

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to The IDC @ SCC!​​​

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Supporting Faculty and Staff in the Creative Process

The mission of The IDC @ SCC is to support faculty and staff in the creative process by offering assistance in course design and development to ensure engaging, innovative and accessible learning experiences for students. ​​The IDC @ SCC  is a faculty and staff focused work area designed to support life-long learning and promote effective implementations of instructional technology, instructional design, and collaboration with colleagues in an open discussion about effective teaching practices. The IDC @ SCC also hosts workshops and events, and provides one on one support in a variety of areas.​​​

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​​​​​IDC FAQs
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​​​According to the Instructional Design Central​ website, instructional design is the systematic process or processes in which instructional materials are designed, developed, and delivered. ​​

More about the course design process:

In the analysis phase of the ADDIE Model the instructional problem is identified. The instructional goals, success metrics, and overall objectives are also established. Information regarding the learner such as the learning environment, preferences, demographics, and existing knowledge and skills are also identified during this phase.​

The design phase of the ADDIE Model nails down learning objectives, instructional methods and activities, storyboards, content, subject matter knowledge, lesson outlines, and media assets.​

The development phase of the ADDIE Model is where instructional designers develop the content and learning interactions outlined in the design phase. During this phase, content is written and graphics, audio, and photography are also produced and assembled.​​

During the implementation part of the ADDIE Model, the instructional designer delivers the content and materials to Learning Management Systems (LMS) or directly to the trainer for live training events. The instructional designer also provides training needed to trainers, facilitators, SME's or instructors. 

During the evaluation phase of the ADDIE Model, the instructional designer  determines what success will look like and how it will be measured. Often times, the evaluation consists of two phases: formative and summative. Formative evaluation is iterative and is done throughout the design and development processes. This occurs all throughout the ADDIE process. Summative evaluation consists of tests that are done after the training materials are delivered. The results from these test help to inform the instructional designer and stake holders on whether or not the training accomplished its original goals outlined in the analysis phase. ​


​​​The IDC is equipped with the latest software and equipment to assist you with your curriculum development and instructional design proces​s! 

Here is a current list of some of the software and equipment located in the IDC:

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office , iMovie, Final Cut​ Pro, Screencast-O-Matic, Adobe Acrobat
Hardware: Windows PC's , Mac Computers ,HP Laptops ,Apple TV, iPads ​

​The IDC staff can offer support with your course design process​, with a focus on improving instruction, increasing access and accessibility, and improving student success, the IDC is central to supporting our mission and ensuring quality online and face-to-face instruction.​​​

Course Design | Course Organization | Formatting Elements | Learning Objectives| Course Aesthetics | Course Development | Couse Structure | Content Conversion | Content Creation | Interactive Content | Course Accessibility | Creating Accessible Materials | Canvas Support | Technology Support​​​ &More...


​Want to learn something as a group or department?

Any of the workshops hosted by the IDC, including the Tech Bar trainings, can be scheduled for a group or department training, and then customized to your needs.

For more information please contact:


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Contact IDC: 

Phone: (714) 628-4830
On Campus Location: SCC L-109 

​Amanda Carpenter
Distance Education Services Specialist

Silvia Lopez ​
Instructional Design Center Specialist

​Patty Lupercio
Instructional Design Center Technician

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24/7 Canvas Support: 
(844) 629-6834

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