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Book of the Year



This fall we launched our first SCC Book of the Year! 

Mark your calendar and join us-- 


Wednesday Nov 20 at 12:30 in D-220:  Panel discussion of the novel, to include Annan Aboul-Nasr from the Islamic Institute of Orange County, along with faculty members Doug Deaver (World Religions), Rick Adams (Literature) and Nooshan Shekarabi (Political Science).  Encourage your students to join us!  We will have extra-credit sign-in sheets for those who wish to offer students this incentive.




     The novel, written by Leila Aboulela, is about an upper-class Sudanese woman who has to     flee to London with her mother and brother when the coup of 1985 led to ...her father’s execution. The novel follows her life as she transitions from a Westernized teen in Sudan, to a devout Muslim woman working as a maid in London. The book, examining issues of class, religion, culture and gender through one woman's personal journey, is available to check out at the Library