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                                          An Assessment Superhero by Kay Powell

Did you know there's a new SUPERHERO on campus to help you with your assessment data? It does the work for you.

Would you like:

  • To spend less time on SLO Outcomes reporting?
  • Automate the process and eliminate manual assessment?
  • Facilitate collecting and analyzing SLO data?
  • Create immediate reports that analyze test outcomes and assist you in reviewing results and making decisions and changes?

Assessment Help is Here!

SCC has purchased, through Title V Grant funds, a specialized scantron software system that simplifies SLO assessment reporting. This software, called ParScore, manages student records, analyzes test outcomes and creates reports in a matter of a few minutes. This free faculty to review the results and make decisions and changes based on the results. It facilitates classroom assessment and makes it easier to collect and analyze data.

How does it work?

  1. You may use your current assessment instrument, just as you do now. This may  be multiple choice, true/false, essay, project, etc. Students use a special ParSystem Scantron form to mark the answers or scores.
  2. The forms are run on one of our three ParSystem scanners located in the Library (L110), The Business and Career Technical Education Office (U83), and the Science Building (SC116)
  3. Your statistical information will be immediately available. You will select the types of reports you want and
  4. Some helpful reports provide:
  • An item analysis of the effectiveness of each of your test
  • A score