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Faculty Development Center



The mission of the Faculty Development Center (FDC), located in L-115 in the Library, is to support faculty and staff in the use of technology. It serves as a dedicated space for technology training as well as a meeting place for faculty to share their expertise, explore new ideas and different technologies. In addition, it provides a nice quiet place for adjunct faculty to work on their lessons, check their email and grade students’ assignments.





  The FDC is equipped with seven Dell computers, one Mac with a 23-inch LCD, one printer, one TV/DVD/VHS/CD player and one Smartboard. In addition, there is one digital camera and one camcorder available for check out at the Library Circulation Desk. 

The Mac has iMovie and iDVD programs for transferring and editing videos and makes them available in DVD format.


This hardware and software assist faculty in creating documents, images, multimedia presentations and e-learning materials for use in lectures, publications and online courses. 


Library Tech Chris Gilson (ext. 85025) handles all room reservations.