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Guide to EBSCO

EBSCOhost’s Academic Search Premier Database

Features Academic Search Premier is a general academic subject database providing access and abstracts (i.e., summaries) for more than 3,000 magazines and journals.  Useful features include:
  • Provides the full-text (i.e., complete article) for 1,700 journals covering business, social sciences, humanities, general science, multi-cultural studies, education, health, and current events
  • Coverage: January 1990 to current date for complete articles; updated daily
  • Searchable by author, title, subject, keyword, and date
  • Searchable using the Spanish language
  • Search results can be limited to academic or scholarly journals providing in-depth research
  • Search results can be limited to complete articles, specific magazines or journals, and specific dates
  • Contains photographs, maps, and flags [under Image Collections]
  • Articles can be printed, saved to a disc, or e-mailed
Where Is It? Available on computer terminals in the Santiago Canyon College Library.  From the Library’s webpage select Online Databases, then EBSCOHost Academic Abstracts FULLTEXT Ultra.  SCC students, faculty, and staff can obtain remote access by securing a password at the Library’s Reference Desk.
Basic Searching by Keyword(s) Basic Searching lets users find or match words in the articles themselves.  Users can search individual subjects or terms or combine or exclude topics using the AND, OR, and NOT connectors.

And finds articles that contain both terms (e.g., drugs and sports)
Or find articles that contain either or both terms [e.g., sports or athletics)

Not finds articles that contain one term but not another (e.g., gypsy not moths)


  • environmental policy
  • cloning and ethics
  • gambling and california and native americans
  • art not modern (find articles contain the term art but not the term modern)
Basic Searching Using Natural Language Clicking the All Words radio button allows users to query the database or enter words, phrases, or complete sentences as if he/she were talking.  Examples:
  • does violence on television affect children
  • does capital punishment deter crime
  • should marijuana be legalized
  • rising medical costs in the united states
Guided Search By selecting Guided Search, users can limit searches:
  • To an article written by a certain author [Dave Barry]
  • To the title or name of an article

Users can combine as many as four keywords or part of a record (title, author, journal name, etc.) into one search.

Image Collections Selecting Image Collections from the top menu bar will provide users with collections of flags, maps of countries and regions, and current and historical photographs.
Printing Information To Print, select an article, then click on the blue Print button at the top of the record; then click on Print.  A plastic copy card is needed to print in the SCC Library; copies are ten cents each.
Downloading Information To Download to a computer disc, select an article.  At the top of the record, click on the blue Save button.  Click on the blue Save button again.  Then from the File menu of your Internet browser:
  • Select “Save As” from the menu
  • Change the Save in drive to 3½ Floppy (A:)
  • Change the file name and extension to .txt (e.g., article1.txt]
  • Change Save as type to Text File (.txt)
  • Click Save button to begin downloading
E-mailing Articles to an E-mail Account To e-mail, select an article, then click on the blue E-mail button at the top of the record.  Enter the e-mail address and subject (if desired) into the blank boxes.  Click on E-mail.
Citing Academic Search Premier Database in Research Papers
(“Works Cited”)
MLA and APA formats require the following elements (if available) when citing an article: author(s), article title, publication name, publication date, page number/range, database name, and date or access or use.  MLA also requires the name of library and town/city where the database was accessed and the URL or site address.  If no author is given for an article, start with the title of the piece.

Academic Search Premier sample record:
Fundamental Rights and the Right to Bear Arms.  By: Stark,
Cynthia A.; Criminal Justice Ethics, Winter/Spring 2001, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p17, 2p

Cited in Modern Language Association (MLA) format:
Stark, Cynthia A.  “Fundamental Rights and the Right to
     Bear Arms.”  Criminal Justice Ethics 20.1 (Winter/Spring 
     2001): 17-19.  Academic Search Elite.  EBSCOhost Web.
     Santiago Canyon College, Orange, CA.  29 May 2002.

Cited in American Psychological Association (APA) format:
Stark, C. A. (2001).  Fundamental rights and the right to
     bear arms.  Criminal Justice Ethics, 20, 17-19.  Retrieved
     May 20, 2002, from Academic Search Elite database.

Academic Search Elite sample record:
Guns ‘n’ Poses.  Economist, 5/18/2002, Vol. 363 Issue 8273, p.34, 1p, 1bw

Cited in Modern Language Association (MLA) format:
“Guns ‘n’ Poses.”  Economist 18 May 2002: 34.  Academic
     Search Elite.  Ebscohost Web.  Santiago Canyon College,
     Orange, CA.  29 May 2002.

Cited in American Psychological Association (APA) format:
Guns ‘n’ poses.  (2002, May 18).  Economist, P. 34.  Retrieved
     May 29, 2002, from Academic Search Elite database.