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Library Faculty/Staff


Aaron Voelcker,  Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Library and Learning Support Services   
Phone:  (714) 628-4990 
Email:  e-mail icon

Barbara Garrahy, Secretary 
Phone:  (714) 628-5031    
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 Library Faculty:

      Seth Daugherty (Instruction​/Reference Librarian)

      Phone: (714) 628-5015        
      Email:e-mail icon

       Joseph Geissler (Department Chair/Tech Services/Reference Librarian) 
      Phone:  (714) 628-5019
      Email: e-mail icon
         Alice Ho (Systems Librarian) 
       Phone: (714) 628-5016 
       Email: e-mail icon
 ​        Linda Martin (Instruction /Reference Librarian) 
       Phone: (714) 628-5020​ 
       Email: e-mail icon
         Barbara Sproat (Reference / Collection Librarian)
       Phone:  (714) 628-5017
       Email:e-mail icon

       Lana Wong (/Public Services/Reference Librarian)
       Phone:  (714) 628-5014 
        Email:  e-mail icon

 Library Staff:      
       Barbara Bellis
      Phone:  (714) 628-5000 
      Email:  e-mail icon
       Theresa Buck
       Phone: (714)628-5024 
       Emaile-mail icon
        Chris Gilson 
       Phone: (714) 628-5025
       Email: e-mail icon
        Karen McCoy  
       Phone: (714) 628-5026 
       Email: e-mail icon