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New Books on Philosophy

Dennett, D. C. (Daniel Clement), From bacteria to Bach and back : the evolution of minds
StacksB105.C477 D445 2017
Littlejohn, Ronnie, 1949- Chinese philosophy : an introduction
StacksB126 .L588 2016
Slingerland, Edward G. (Edward Gilman) Trying not to try : the art and science of spontaneity
Student's guide to the history and philosophy of yogaB126 .S6453 2014
Xunzi, 340 B.C.-245 B.C. Hsün tzu : basic writings StacksB128.H66 E55 1996
  Source book in Indian philosophy StacksB130 .R3 1957
Perrett, Roy W., Introduction to Indian philosophy StacksB131 .P367 2016
Connolly, Peter, 1951- Student Guide's to the history and philosophy of yogaB132.Y6 C638 2014
Hume, David, 1711-1776. Enquiry concerning human understanding ; [with] a letter from a gentleman to his friend in Edinburgh ; [and] an abstract of a Treatise of human natureStacksB1480 1993
Hume, David, 1711-1776. Treatise of human nature StacksB1485 1969
Pyle, Andrew. Hume's Dialogues concerning natural religion : reader's guide
B1493.D523 P95 2006
Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970. Basic writings of Bertrand Russell
StacksB1649 .R91 2009
Guthrie, W. K. C. (William Keith Chambers), 1906-1981. Greek philosophers from Thales to Aristotle
StacksB171 .G8 2013
Guthrie, W. K. C. (William Keith Chambers), 1906- History of Greek philosophy
StacksB171 .G83 1969
Brandhorst, Kurt. Descartes' meditations on first philosophy
StacksB1854 .B688 2010
Stamatellos, Giannis, 1970- Introduction to Presocratics : a thematic approach to early Greek philosophy with key readings
StacksB187.5 .S73 2012
Shorto, Russell. Descartes' bones : a skeletal history of the conflict between faith and reason /
StacksB1875 .S495 2008
  Classics of philosophy
StacksB21 .C557 2003
Wood, Sarah, 1963- Derrida's writing and difference : a reader's guide
StacksB2430.D483 E27 2009
Merleau-Ponty, Maurice, 1908-1961. Phenomenology of perception /
StacksB2430.M3763 P4713 2012
Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980. Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre /
StacksB2430.S3 C8 2003
Antognazza, Maria Rosa, 1964- Leibniz : a very short introduction /
StacksB2597 .A68 2016
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900, Beyond good and evil ; On the genealogy of morality
StacksB3313.J42 E5 2014
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900, Essential Nietzsche : beyond good and evil and the genealogy of morals.
StacksB3318.G66 N45 2017
Plato. Last days of Socrates : Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo
StacksB358 .R69 2010
  Feminist interpretations of Plato
StacksB398.W5 F46 1994
  Philosophy in schools : an introduction for philosophers and teachers /
StacksB52 .P515 2013
  Philosophy in schools
StacksB52.3.A97 H3 2016
Droit, Roger-Pol. Astonish yourself : 101 experiments in the philosophy of everyday life
StacksB52.5 .D76 2003
  From Plato to Derrida /
StacksB72 .P45 2011
Kreeft, Peter. Philosophy 101 by Socrates : an introduction to philosophy via Plato's Apology : (forty things philosophy is according to history's first and wisest
StacksB74 .K74 2014
Adamson, Peter, 1972- Philosophy in the Islamic world : a very short introduction /
StacksB741 .A33 2015
 Stone reader : modern philosophy in 133 arguments
StacksB805 .S76 2016


Four texts on Socrates : Plato's Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito, and Aristophanes' Clouds /
Stacks B316 .F68 1998
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900. Portable Nietzsche /
Stacks B3312.E52 K3 1976

Seinfeld and philosophy : a book about everything and nothing /
Stacks B68 .S44 2000

Desire in ashes : deconstruction, psychoanalysis, philosophy /
Stacks B809.6 .D48 2016
Tallis, Raymond, Black mirror : looking at life through death /
Stacks BD431 .T1235 2015