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Cell Phone Policy

The Santiago Canyon College Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users. These guidelines were developed in response to concerns from students, faculty, and visitors about the increased noise in the Library due to cell phone use. We ask all of our users to be partners in our effort to make this library a comfortable and productive place to study and gather.

Ringing phones and loud conversations make use of the library difficult for many people. In order to make positive the experience of our facility and services for as many of our users as possible, we ask you to observe the following courtesies:

  • Turn your cellular phone off or SET CELL PHONE to ring in "SILENT" or "VIBRATE" mode while in the library.
  • Anyone making or receiving a call must immediately put the call on hold and move to a study room or outside the library to answer the call.

If you wish to report inappropriate cell phone use, contact a library staff member at the nearest service desk. We thank you for your cooperation in making the Santiago Canyon College Library a better place to study and conduct research.

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