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NoodleTools: Create Citations


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What is NoodleTools?

​NoodleTools is an online citation tool that helps students stay organized during the research processes of evaluating sources, creating citations, saving source material, taking notes, and outlining topics.  

Why don't I just use an online citation generator?

Online citation generators are sometimes inaccurate. By contrast, NoodleTools helps students understand how citations are created, so they can cite sources with the confidence that they are accurate. Additionally, NoodleTools helps students organize their sources, and helps with the pre-writing processes of taking notes and outlining.

How do I create a NoodleTools account?

Click the link above and sign into WebAdvisor, then enter your email address and a password to create a Santiago Canyon College NoodleTools account.

Where can I get help using NoodleTools?

You can request help using NoodleTools via the Ask a Librarian chat service​. The library also includes instruction on using NoodleTools in its Creating Citations workshop, which is available in three modalities: