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Useful Websites - Religion

1.;   The Bahai World

The official Bahai website, sponsored by the Bahai International Community organization.



The site developed primarily for Buddhists provides access to full-text primary and secondary materials as well as study guides.


3.       Catholic Online

Searchable.  Content includes a large online historical and biblical database.

4.       Hinduism Today

A searchable site sponsored by the nonprofit educational Himalayan Academy.


5.       Islamic Studies, Islam

Links and resources on Islam including primary source material and scholarly research.


6.       Judaism and Jewish Resources

Links and resources on Jewish religion and cultural.


7.       Orthodox Church of America

A comprehensive site with many links and resources to Orthodox Christianity.


8.       The Pluralism Project

First developed by Diana L. Eck at Harvard University, this site studies and documents the growing religious diversity of the United States, especially in immigrant communities.


9.       Scientology

The official site of the Church of Scientology International.


10.   Sikh Home Page

This web site is an excellent introduction to Sikhism, the world’s fifth largest religion, and Sikh history, culture and philosophy.


11.   Virtual Religion Index

This site analyzes and highlights important content of religion-related websites to assist students in research.


12.   World Council of Churches

The official site of the World Council of Churches, a Christian organization dedicated to the search for Christian unity.