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Study Room Policy


The library study rooms provide a space for Santiago Canyon College (SCC) students to study and/or work on collaborative academic projects.  Rooms must be reserved and users must be present in the room while using it. Study room users are subject to this and all other Library, College, and District policies and rules.


Study Room Reservation Time Periods

  • Maximum consecutive time period allowed is 3 hours
  • Reservations are limited to 3 hours per day per user

Study Room Reservation Procedures

  • Reservations may be made same day or up to 1 week in advance by currently enrolled SCC students.
  • The occupancy of each room is limited to the number of chairs assigned to it (SEE “Information" button for each room on reservation home page).
  • SCC students must present photo identification at the Circulation Desk to claim a study room reservation.
  • Room reservations are held for 15 minutes only.
  • Library staff reserve the right to cancel reservations at any time for any reason.

Unreserved Study Rooms


Terms & Conditions of Use​

  • Study room users must comply with library policies, the Library: Conditions of Use, and District BP 5500 Standards of Student Conduct.
  • Study rooms are not soundproof; users need to maintain a study/work environment that does not disturb others in the library.
  • No food or eating in the study rooms
  • Library staff randomly monitor the study rooms
  • Any study room user engaged in disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be informed of the infraction, the applicable policy or rule, and be asked to stop the non-compliant behavior.
  • Continuous or persistent disruptive conduct/behavior or willful disobedience will result in removal from the library or other prescribed disciplinary action. (BP 5500 Standards of Student Conduct. II: Disciplinary Actions for Students)


SCC Library staff reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy at any time.


Revised:  November 28, 2018​