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Useful Websites - Gardening

​California Native Plants & Water-Wise Gardening

Collection Development

Plants & Nurseries


A non-profit organization dedicated to providing information about California plant biodiversity for use in education, research and conservation. 

Coastal Keepers

A two- acre Coastkeeper Garden is located at Santiago Canyon College. This unique, sustainable garden will host plants from six southern California native habitats as well as California Friendly plants from around the world.

Las Pilitas

This site has an outstanding searchable database of California native plants and a retail store in San Diego county in the city of Escondido.

Theodore Payne Foundation

Founded and incorporated in 1960, the Theodore Payne Foundation promotes the understanding and preservation of California native flora. There

Tree of Life Nursery

In addition to a wholesale and retail nursery in San Juan Capistrano, the Tree of Life Nursery, provides workshops and speakers related to native plant horticulture and garden design.

Water Resources for Gardening


A comprehension site sponsored by the state of California provides information on organic gardening, composting, and landscaping.

National Garden Association

This non-profit organization offers an array of gardening content for consumers and educators.


Compiled by Anita Varela