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Self-Paced Workshops in Canvas

Available topics:
 Finding Articles; Creating Citations Using MLA Formatting; Creating Citations Using APA Formatting

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Any enrolled student may choose this option for self-paced, 24/7 access.
  • Students generally choose this option for:
    • their own benefit; 
    • extra credit from an instructor in one of their classes; 
    • or ​​course credit, i​​n cases where an instructor assigns workshop attendance but is not able to schedule a Live Workshop On Demand in their class session. 
  • ​There is an assessment component to these workshops, to verify the student has understood the material.
  • Students who complete the workshop and assessment will receive a certificate of completion in approximately one week. 
​​For more information, contact E-Resources Librarian Seth Daugherty at​

​Student Learning Outcomes by Topic

​​​Finding Articles
​​​Following this workshop, students will be able to find articles and other content on a topic by using the SmartSearch Discovery tool or by searching a selected periodicals database. They will be able to differentiate between scholarly and popular periodical articles. Students will also be able to develop search terms that yield relevant search results; limit/filter search results; and evaluate the relevancy of their search results. 
Creating Citations Using MLA Formatting; Creating Citations Using APA Formatting
​​​Following these workshops, students will be able to identify the elements required to create a citation, and they will use the online citation builder NoodleTools to create citations in MLA or APA citation style.