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Cash for Credit

​​​Earn  $50 per Credit!

Add a Class Today! 2022 Fall Fast Track Classes begin October 17!

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Starting September 19, 2022 students who add a class at Santiago Canyon College will receive $50 per unit. The more units you take, the more cash you receive. No application is required for this one-time program.​

To qualify for the Fall 2022 semester:

  • You must add additional SCC classes totaling 3 college credit units or more (maximum of 12 units) between September 19 – October 26 that begin the week of October 17

  • Your Academic Home Location must be SCC

  • Your residency status must be California Resident, AB540 or Non-Resident​


Funds will be distributed to students via BankMobile on November 21, 2022
To set up your BankMobile account  with Financial Aid:

1. Go to Webadvisor and log in

2. Click on "Step 2: Choose Your Disbursement Option" (BankMobile). 

3. Click on "Access BankMobile" and follow the instructions to choose the preferred method of payment. 

4. Students who are under 16 years of age cannot sign up for BankMobile.  A check will be mailed from Ranch Santiago Community College District.

SCC Credit Student Distribution

Number of Units (All Taken at SCC) CA Resident Per Unit Tuition Fee​ Retention and Reengagement Grant Amount ($50 per unit up to 12 units )
3 $138 $150
4 $184 $200
5 $230 $250
6 $276 $300
7 $322 $350
8 $368 $400
9 $414 $450
10 $460 $500
11 $506 $550
12 $552 $600

Only students who add a minimum of 3 units, above their existing load, on or after September 16, 2022 are eligible.  Continuing Ed classes are not eligible.  Students who do not select a disbursement option by the funding date will have a check mailed to their address on record 21 days after November 21, 2022.  Uncashed checks will stale-date after 90 days and will NOT be reissued.  Funds for this program are limited; therefore, a disbursement is not guaranteed.