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Academic Success Center - Policies

​​​​​​​​Academic Success Center users are responsible for working on lab assignments. The SOLE use of computer systems ​and resources is for academic/educational purposes only.  Lab personnel will ask students to leave if they do not comply with the Lab Rules below.

  •  DO NOT use the ASC's wireless network OR student computers to
    • Check personal email, watch You Tube videos, play online games or gamble
    • Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media
  • NO TALKING on the phone OR TEXTING while in the lab.
  • NO guests (no exceptions)
  • NO food or drinks next to computer stations.

It is the SCC student's responsibility to read and understand the College Policies and Procedures. Detailed College Policies and Procedures are found in the SCC Catalog.​

 Academic Success Center OPEN HOURS

​​Day ​Time
​Monday through Thursday ​8:00 am - 6:00 pm
​Friday ​Closed


  • Failing to sign in and out will earn you ø lab credit.
  • Students cannot accrue lab hours during ANY of their scheduled class time. No exceptions!

    As a courtesy to other Center users:
  • Log out of the Success Center before leaving.
  • Work quietly so they do not disturb other students.
  • Use computers only for academic activities.
  • Turn off or silence all cell phones and electronic devices.
  • Leave their work area clean.​
  • Take responsibility for their personal property.
  • Notify Success Center staff immediately of any computer problems.
  • Push in keyboard tray and chair.
  • Place headset neatly next to the computer monitor
  • Handle all calls received by cell phone outside of the Center.

    We hope that you will enjoy the pleasant, friendly atmosphere provided within the Academic Success Center.