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Application Fee Payment Form (PDF)

Complete the attached form to submit the non-refundable $50.00 application fee. This fee will be charged to the credit card between 1-2 business days after our office receives the form. There may be a delay in processing the application if the fee has not been submitted.​


Proof of Financial Support (PDF)​​

Please complete the “Proof of Financial Support" form to indicate who is financially sponsoring your education. This may be yourself, another person, or a government or other sponsoring agency.

The sponsor listed on the Affidavit of Support must match the accountholder's name on the bank statement. If an organization and not an individual are sponsoring you—please include an official letter provided by the organization.​



Bank Certification - Sample Bank Letter (PDF)

Applicants must be able to demonstrate their proof of financial eligibility to receive their Form I-20s (minimum $23,852).

Documents must be dated within 3 months and issued by a financial institution or agency verifying access to the funds. Please carefully review the following acceptable examples of financial documents.

Personal funds
Recent bank letter (see sample bank letter)

  • OR
  • Bank Statement must include name of the bank, account holder's name, type of account (e.g. checking, saving, certificate of deposit, etc.), date of issuance, total balance, and currency type.
Funds from a family or sponsor
Recent bank letter | (see sample bank letter) 

  • OR
Bank Statement must include name of the bank, account holder's name, type of account (e.g. checking, saving, certificate of deposit, etc.), date of issuance, total balance, and currency type.

  • AND
  • Complete the Affidavit on the Proof of Financial Support Form.
Government or other sponsoring agency
  • A signed copy of the scholarship or award letter stating the amount and duration of the award.​​


​Please write a minimum of 250 words describing your existing educational background and your future academic goals. Examples of what you might discuss include: your academic major at Santiago Canyon College, things you wish to accomplish while studying at SCC, what universities you wish to transfer to, or perhaps which careers you wish to pursue.​​


​Please submit a copy of your English Proficiency exam scores as you indicated on your CCCApply International Application. If you selected OTHER or have proof of proficiency different from an exam, please submit a copy of your transcript or alternative proof of English proficiency.​

English proficiency exam scores must not be older than 2 years from the exam date. ​

 Click here for a list of minimum scores accepted by Santiago Canyon College​.​

Students applying to the English Language Program (ELP) are not required to submit English proficiency.​​


Applicants must submit copies of their high school/secondary school transcripts. In addition, students who have attended a college or university or ESL program must submit copies of their official or unofficial transcript(s) from their respective school(s). Academic transcripts are required from all schools attended.

Transcripts or academic records in languages others than English should be accompanied by a certified translation or credential evaluation service.

For details on how to access your academic transcript from a college or university, please view the college's website in which you attended. Each school may have a different process. We do not accept screenshots of grades/schedules from a student portal. ​


​Please provide a copy of your passport identification page. Please scan the passport for the best legibility. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the school's start date. ​​


Electronic I-94s can be accessed online at

For those who received a Form I-797: Notice of Action, please include the section which includes your I-94 information as it will not be found using the online website.​


Please attach a copy of your most recently issued Form I-20. The information on the Form I-20 will be used to confirm your F-1 status while at your current or last reported institution.​


  • For students with an existing valid issued F-1 visa (e.g. transfer students), please provide a copy of the visa found in your passport.
  • If you had been approved for a Change of Status while in the U.S., please provide a copy of your Form I-797: Notice of Action.
  • For applicants seeking to apply for a Change of Status: please include a copy of your current visa being used for your current stay in the U.S.​


Concurrent Enrollment Form (PDF)

Please and print the attached form. Complete the Concurrent Enrollment form and also have it completed by your current DSO.


Please upload a letter written by your current Designated School Official. The DSO will need to inform us that you are an actively enrolled student and that their institution will maintain your SEVIS record.​

The letter must also include:

  • Your name

  • Course names

  • Semester you wish to register for.

  • Be written on school letterhead

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Students currently in high school must ALSO complete and submit the Career Advanced Placement (CAP) Form to Admissions and Records in E-101. Visit our website for more information: High School Student (CAP).


Guardian Consent Form (PDF)

If the applicant is under 18 years of age at the start of classes, the applicant must provide information about their appointed guardian in the U.S. using the Guardian Consent Form. The minimum age to be considered for admission at SCC is 16.​

This form must be completed by a parent or legal guardian of the minor/applicant under the age of 18 which authorizes the applicant's participation in applying, registering, and taking classes at Santiago Canyon College (SCC). The form also authorizes the employees of SCC to obtain for the minor any immunizations, medical and/or dental treatments which in their judgment are deemed necessary. The parent/legal guardian of the minor agrees to and understands being financially responsible for all such immunizations, medical and/or dental treatments provided to the minor.

The parent/legal guardian must also provide SCC with the information of the appointed guardian. The appointed guardian must be physically present at the local residence and live with the minor until the student turns 18.

The Guardian Consent form must be sent to the International Student Office before or by orientation day.  Failure to provide a US guardian will result in the student not being able to register for classes; consequently, their I-20 will be terminated.​


The spouse and unmarried minor children (under age 21) of the F-1 student may be admitted into the U.S. in F-2 classification if each dependent presents a SEVIS Form I-20 issued in his or her own name and an F-2 visa.

In order for your dependent(s) to start the F-2 visa application process, they will need their own Form I-20.

Please include the following for each of your dependents:

  • A copy of the passport identification page.​

  • In addition to the minimum $23,852 provided for proof of financial support, please provide an additional $3,000 for each minor child and an additional $6,000 for a spouse.​


A student who has violated their immigration status and whose status was terminated as a result of that violation may be reinstated to lawful F-1 status at the discretion of a USCIS district director, but only under the limited conditions specified at 8 CFR 214.2(f)(16). The USCIS district director may consider reinstating an F-1 student who makes a request for reinstatement on Form I-539 accompanied by a properly completed Form I-20 indicating the Designated School Official (DSO)'s recommendation for reinstatement.

Please include the following in your admission application:

  • Letter of Explanation (specific to the I-539 application) You must also submit evidence that your violation of status resulted from circumstances beyond your control or that your violation relates to a reduction in your course load that would have been within a Designated School Official's (DSO's) power to authorize, and that failure to approve reinstatement would result in extreme hardship to you.

If you have been out of status for more than five months at the time of filing your request for reinstatement, you must also provide evidence that your failure to file within the five-month period was the result of exceptional circumstances and that you filed your request for reinstatement as promptly as possible under these exceptional circumstances.

  • Termination Notice. Please include the official notice from your previous institution. This will helps us better understand your reasoning for reinstatement and can advise accordingly.​​


You may wish to change your nonimmigrant status if you are already in the United States on a valid ​nonimmigrant visa for a purpose other than attending school and want to study at a U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school. You are not eligible for a change of status in the United States if you entered as a visitor through the visa waiver program.

If you meet the criteria above and want to change your status while you remain in the United States, you must apply with USCIS to change your nonimmigrant status by following these steps:

Once you are admitted by Santiago Canyon College and have been issued a Form I-20 and acceptance letter, you may take the next steps to apply for a Change of Status. Detailed I-539 application instructions can be found here on the USCIS website:

It is important to stay informed regarding your existing visa types. The International Student Program does not offer advisement on maintaining existing visa types other than the F-1 student visa.​