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Student Testimonials


Business Administration​

How did you discover Santiago Canyon College? "I lived in Chicago so I didn't like the Chicago weather. I looked over on Google and the best option was Santiago Canyon because it was closer to my house and the canyons". 

What have been the greatest benefits you've received from your education?
Well, my English got better, I made a lot of friends, and I decided on my major—Business".

Why would you recommend SCC to someone else?
Of course I would recommend it, especially students who do not have the TOFEL and want to transfer as soon as possible".  

If someone called you and said, 'Why should I go to school at SCC?' What would you tell them?
"It is a small school and it has good staff, admissions, teachers, and especially the International Student Program—very friendly.​​"

Communication Studies​


​"Going to school at SCC has been a very fulfilling experience. Some of the greatest benefits are being able to have the International Student Office as a second home, having a reachable community, small classes and professors that can assist us personally. I was also a part of the student government, got to be a part of SCC Women's Volleyball Team, and made awesome international and U.S. friends."

"I would recommend SCC to others if, like myself, they're interested in gaining a quality education in a place that makes them feel like they belong. Santiago Canyon College is one of the best community colleges in the US, not only in terms of education but also quality of life and personal attention that the staff gives us." ​​

Criminal Justice​



When I decided to go to college/university in the U.S., I asked my friend in California what would be the best choice for me, and he suggested SCC because it is one of the best Community College in the country and also because he knew another friend who spent 2 years at SCC and now is a Doctor. I really like the buildings, the people and the location. 

I enrolled at SCC on fall 2017, and I immediately felt to be part of a family, the international students family. As an International Student I was worried about my first year in the US and at SCC, but actually going to SCC made me happy, proud of myself and a better person. The International student office is full of competent and efficient people who are always ready to help and make you part of “the family.”

At SCC the professors are very nice, helpful and professional. My education is improving thanks to SCC so I will be ready to transfer, hopefully to UCI.

The campus is safe, in a great neighbourhood and has brand new buildings.

If someone called me and said “Why should I go to school at SCC?”  I would say that SCC is a good looking campus, safe, and a great place to improve yourself. SCC is a community college where students can really transfer to important University because offer a great education.