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Chosen Name

​​​​​​​​​​​​Rancho Santiago Community College District recognizes that some students, staff, and faculty wish to identify themselves by a name other than their legal name. For this reason, beginning April 21, 2021, Santiago Canyon College and the Rancho Santiago Community College District will be switching entirely to “Chosen Name".

In order to continue use of your preferred name, you will need to log in to Self-Service and re-enter the name you prefer to be identified by.  It is important to understand that designating your Chosen Name for use at SCC does NOT constitute a legal name change.  A students' legal name will continue to be used on certain college documents, such as transcripts. A student's Chosen Name will automatically display in Canvas and will be listed on class rosters and waiting lists for use by instructors and departments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Chosen Name?
    A Chosen Name is a name that you can designate to be used in Canvas and on class rosters in addition to your legal name. It is a name that you wish to be known or identified by and is different from your legal name. Santiago Canyon College students will be able to designate a Chosen Name beginning in spring 2021.
  • ​How do I set my Chosen Name?
    You are able to set/update your Chosen Name by logging into your account in Self-Service:
    STEP 1: Log into Self-Service with your district or student login
    STEP 2: Click on “User Options" in the left menu
    STEP 3: Click on “User Profile" in the drop down menu
    4: Click on “Edit Personal Identity" below your current account info
    STEP 5: Fill in your Chosen Name
    STEP 6: Click Save​

    Change "Chosen Name" in Self-Service
  • What are the guidelines for setting my Chosen Name? Can it be whatever I want?
    You may designate a first, middle and last name. Chosen Names are limited to alphabetical characters, a hyphen (-) and space. Generally, you can set a Chosen Name to any name, but the college reserves the right to delete a Chosen Name if it is used inappropriately, such as misrepresentation or fraud; such usage will also subject the student to disciplinary action in accordance with college policy.

Examples of Chosen Names that will not be approved:

  • Names containing foul or inappropriate language as deemed by the Admissions and Records Office
  • Names used for the purpose of misrepresentation
  • Where will the Chosen Name be used?
    Chosen Names will be used in Canvas, on class rosters, and on waiting lists for use by instructors and departments. 
  • Are there instances where the Chosen Name will not be used?
    Chosen Names will not be used in cases where the legal name is required, including, but not limited to, financial aid documents, official transcripts, diplomas, payroll records, and federal immigration documents. In some cases, if you use a preferred name, it might be necessary to clarify that your preferred name is different from your legal name. Also, as the campus is engaged in several projects involving student information systems, some systems may not be able to accommodate the Chosen Name until a later period.
  • How many times can I change my Chosen Name?
    Your Chosen Name can be changed an unlimited number of times. It is recommended, however, that changes to your Chosen Name remain minimal to avoid confusion by your instructors and fellow students.
  • Can I delete my Chosen Name?
    Yes. If you have designated a Chosen Name and later decide that you would prefer to use your legal name on the class roster and in Canvas, contact the Admissions and Records Office.​​
  • ​How do I correct or change my legal name at Santiago Canyon College?
    You can change your legal name by completing and submitting the Request for Name Change Form (available in the Admissions and Records Office). You will need to present official documentation that your name was legally changed.



  • Your diploma​ will be printed with your full legal name only.  To request your name to be changed on your diploma, you must submit a Request for Name Change Form.