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Student Education Plan ​

Petition to Graduate ​

Petition for a CertificateOther Graduation-Related Forms ​
Degrees and Certificates FAQ
Who Should Submit a Petition?
  • Students who have completed at least 30 applicable degree units and working towards completing their degree or certification should submit a petition to graduate.
  • Even if you do not wish to participate in commencement, you must complete a petition to receive your degree or certification.
When Are Petition Forms Due?​

Anticipated ​​Semester​ to Earn Award
Graduation Petitions
Final Evaluation Completed & Award Posted
(Physical Copies) 
Eligible to Participate in 
​​Fall 2022
​October 7, 2022
​End of Mar 2023
​End of Apr 2023
​June 1, 2023
Spring 2023
​March 10, 2023
​End of Aug 2023
​End of Sept 2023
​June 1, 2023
Summer 2023
​June 22, 2023
​End of Oct 2023
​End of Nov 2023
​June ​2023 or 2024
Fall 2023
October 6, 2023
​End of Mar 2024
End of Apr 2024
​June 2024
Spring 2024
​March 15, 2024
End of Aug 2024
​End of Sept 2024
​June 2024
Summer 2024
​June 21, 2024
​End of Oct 2024
​End of Nov 2024
​June 2024 or 2025

​Submit your petition for graduation the semester before​​ your final semester.

Petitions submitted after the deadline will be processed for the following semester. 

Where Should I Submit My Petition On-Campus?
  • Submit Graduation Petitions to the Admissions ​& Records Office in the E-Building (E-101) or email​​​​
How Do I Submit a Graduation Petition Electronically?

  • Submit a scanned PDF copy to​   
    • Images taken by using a cell phone camera do not always come out readable 
    • It is advised to use a PDF scanner such as CamScanner​
  • Graduation petitions will only be accepted from the email addresses we have on file in Self-Service​
  • All petitions MUST BE complete:
    • ​​All fields entered
    • Signed and dated at the bottom
    • Official transcripts from "Institutions Attended" must be in by the time of final evaluation
  • ​​​​Students will receive a confirmation email once the petition has been received​
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  • ​​​​Students can also submit a physical copy to Admissions and Records in E-101.​​

​How Do I Get Help Completing a Petition?
  • Sign up for a workshop
  • Make an appointment with an academic counselor at (714) 628 - 4800
  • Complete the form yourself following the instructions in this PowerPoint presentation:

How Do I Contact the Graduation Office?